School days- summer paradise

Summer paradise

named it so because these were the best days of my life And at that time summer vacations was every thing i ever wanted.

Starting my journey in school was not so easy for me i always tried to run from class basically i didn’t have another option rather than crying at that time. At that time only my parent’s face was only thing i tried to search in every face.

I don’t know why but those were the days when every older person was like an alien for me who came to eat me , kidnap me and to scare me. Haha!!! It still make me laugh when i thought about those people who don’t even bother me anymore.

Now coming to my education like i have been mentioning so long that it is about school days so you must get it that education part will be less and yes its true.I don’t know what i have read those days because learning english and  to rote the table was the toughest task for me those days even i suffered a lot in upcoming years also to learn tables . I have been very creative and intelligent since my childhood that’s the reason whatever i do i still maintained the good % thing about human behaviour that i would like to add i.e. i didn’t like to see someone other than me or my friend toped in the class . Its kinda cute that in those days a 6-7 year child can think such type of thoughts but i did.

Now something about love story, dont laugh !!! Because i was serious at that time .hahaha!!! Nowadays 10 year children know more than 20 year old person of that time. I didn’t know much that time actually in reality i had no idea what is love but still there were few cuties who made me feel happy, the reason was they were more intelligent than me and still such people attracts me. Oh God!!! Those beautiful days when i actually tried to impress them with my activities my answers. Cute me and pretty those girls .😂

Climbing on trees , playing carrom , hide & seek were one of the favorite game that time also watching cartoons. I won’t tell a lie , i still like to watch cartoons . 🙂

I think thats all for this time . I hope you guys have felt the same feeling like me.

Wait for next post….. thank u!!!


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