Just before college – rising Bubbles

Time between school days and college days

I have already posted my school life story now continuing that story i would like to add few more memories.
In everyone’s life a time comes when he or she realizes that now a decision need to be taken for future, just like in my case.
Just before 1 year of my college life i was very much excited to be in college wanted to live my life in my ways. I had seen so many moVies , heard so many stories of college time from people that every part of my heart was dying to take admission but  you know i had to wait. In those days my life was completely changing, now the things i liked to do no More interested me , i was looking forward for  something new ,something interesting and that was the time when i realised i need to be socialize more so after that i joined facebook, everyone knows about it.
At 1st i didn’t understand what should i do there but after seeing others post and their profile i modified my profile time to time , those were the best days because i got to learn hell lot of things.
My friend circle increased exponentially. Now i was not limited to 10 or 15 friends but 100-200 friends from all around the world. That’s really great . Every new friend request was like an invitation for a party , now i was totally a different person from being shy to a frank and open guy.
I understood how to talk to a stranger , how to start conversation , how to engage in a discussion. So you can say my personality was developing day by day.
All these stuffs added in my life but it doesn’t mean that my study was affected. I was serious for my study too so i always put my full effort to that , that was the reason i was still a favorite choice for my teachers. Maths has been my favorite subject since my childhood and it was getting better and better with time.
Since my highschool and intermediate were from a boys’ school so i was not much comfortable with girls but Facebook helped me a lot in that too. How ? I’ll tell you but in next post . Because everything is now a part of my college life,full of drama, emotions and lessons .
Thank you !!! Meet you soon ….


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