Is your life meaningful ?? Think twice

Meaningful life

Life is meaningful when you are in a hurry , you don’t even have time to look at you and suddenly someone come to you asking your help and suddenly the horse of your time race stops like you have never been in this time race. Now everything you want is to help that person .
This is all about your choice and priorities. For some people life is all about having fun , for some ,life is to earn wherewithal and for the people like me life is about helping those who need it and mean it. I’ll feel my life worthwhile if i am able to take the pain of a single person for whom meaning of life is just opposite to me.
Do you really think life is about follow daily routine ? Or live for your family and you only ? If you have limited yourself to this. Sorry to say but its not the meaning of life because being a human every human being is your family and every religion is your religion . I have seen so many people who think twice or thrice before helping other , some don’t want to hold the dusty hand of that person who works day and night to build the nations pillar .
We see only what we want to see , we watch movies and learn how to groom ourself , start copying the lifestyle of that hero/heroine even most of the time we blame them when we don’t like that movie. Is this the meaning of your life ? To blame ? Why We don’t see the hard work behind those scenes? Restless nights of people engaged in it. Even we don’t learn from the stories , we follow heros but actually don’t know why he is hero of that story, because he creates the feelings in your heart for him by his character. That is what i want to say, make your character like this in your real life and be hero for others not for yourself. This is meaning of life.
Throwing stones on someone is easier than to face those stones for someone.
If you think your life is meaningful , i must suggest you to turn pages of your past life and try to count what you have done
so far for others if you are able to do that counting that means you have done nothing because it must be a countless number since your life is not finished yet and your heartbeat is also countless.
This is all About my view to life.
Hope i was able to create a single thought in your mind to help even a single person.


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