Your heart is my light … (poem)

Baby your heart is my light…
Your pretty face is a fire in my life ,
No matter how good i am and how bad you are but love between us like a rising star,
I know There is no one around you who can hold you tight ,
I have been working so long to prove i’m right,

You should understand your heart is my light….

I have been wandering around searching for the reason to cry,
But sorry baby… when you are with me i am not able to find,
in every case i look my future with you bright ,
I really love the feeling when we do the fight… baby your heart is my light….

No matter what i do whole day but i think about you whole the night,
And i know you really know this , i can see that with your pretty smile,
Don’t try to change me because this is the love from inside,
Don’t ever be changed because your heart is my light,

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