The book I always wanted to write

Oh shit !!! Its 9 O’clock in morning again I am late to complete my book” – the stupid sentence i use every morning, only time is different but surely more than 9:00 AM .

The book i am about to complete is the single book i never started to write , that’s the reality . Every night i plan to write my book and every morning i find myself on the same place with same situation.
You guys must be thinking why i am so excited to write that book what is it all about? Actually in reality i don’t know either but i always wanted to write about myself, about the people around me, about everything happens to me …

There were a lot of things i wanted to write but words were less and thoughts were plenty. I asked so many people how they write so long stories and novels , the most inspiring line i have ever heard is “you need to start only and your story will take itself to the end ” and it was like story of life , you don’t know where your story is leading to?

I was too busy in my life , having a tight schedule which i never followed and having a caring family who never let me be alone. I am not saying that its bad to have a caring family but your thoughts comes out when you are alone. Still after so many sacrifices like waking up early in morning, bunking college to earn extra time i finally started my 1st book.
The very 1st line i wrote was ” Dedicated to my family and my friends” i had just written this line suddenly a sound came from behind the door “Let’s go to have a birthday party”. Suddenly i realized it was the birthday of my best friend . I am a person who never miss any party because there is always a scope of dance there , i am not saying i am very good dancer but when i start dancing i am the only person on all over the floor .
After coming back to party i was tired and went to bed, now again one more day gone. Next day same story but the only difference was that it was holiday.
I planned to go in any garden and write my book and believe me idea was superb but the only problem i faced there that it was holiday and it was already full , but by Gods grace i found a place under a Giant tree , i sat there started writing since i had already written the 1st line , now it was about the 2nd Line, about the story heading i was thinking and suddenly i wrote ” beautiful you ” it was not because i imagined it but i saw a very pretty girl in the garden . Now story turned its destination , more surprisingly she came to the same place where i was sitting alone in the shadow of tree . She was just few meters far from me , my eyes was completely focused on her graceful face. And now again i forgot about my book . After few minutes she went from there and i found my book lost . After searching so long I got to know that few children took that & made paper planes of those pages.
Now again i was empty handed . And the most sad thing was ,the 1st two lines of my book also gone …….

Again my story takes me to the place where i have to say “the book i always wanted to write


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