Shadow in the light

‘Life is not a bed of rose’

its not a line to be quoted only when you want to show someone that you are a person having all around knowledge of life.
I have selected this title because i have seen so many people who just see the Limelight of the life of those who have achieved a top spot on a ladder ,you can’t even imagine to climb & start assuming that they have a life in light but the truth is ,they have a shadow , not everyone can see that.
The best example i have seen in my childhood and felt, is the reason for writing this one.

My neighbour, I used to call him

Uncle Greedy

, because he had a very good position in his organization and earning a big amount .
I always wanted to be around him to learn to make money but he always kept me away from him also he never spent even a single penny on me, that’s the reason to call him like this. I know this was not good but at that time every little ignorance was like a slap since i was child having the knowledge of chocolate and lollipops only.
After so many year when i finally met him he offered me so much, i was surprised that after retirement why he was suddenly so polite and open hearted !!! It was good but it created a indigestible expression on my face, he asked me about it.
I don’t know how but I told him the reason and suddenly a smile came all over his face ,i thought i was a fool to ask but he replied me and those answers astonished me !!! Now i am sharing it with you —–

* I always kept you away from me because your little life with full of muddy hand was way much better than mine, i never wanted you to leave your childhood and vanish your memories which you were going to create for life time.

* sometime i felt jealous of you because you had a life , i always imagined to have. You were lucky .

* I never spent money on you because i never wanted you to give more importance to money than the things you have, because you had the priceless things money couldn’t buy that one.

* I was absent in almost every birthday of yours but the reason was different from your imagination , i had cried from inside for breaking your heart on your birthday but that was my job which kept me away from every special day of my life.

* I still regret for choosing that career which never gave me chance to be a part of those crazy pics of my best friend’s album.

* In the race of life i run so fast that i was alone at last and no one was there to clap for me not even my enemy to rebuke about me.

* It was not the life i always wanted, but choosing money over life was like choosing a bed of rose and furze over it.

* You were child and you couldn’t understand it , that’s the reason i never told you but now you are in the position where you have gained a lots of lesson and matured enough to get my points.

all of his words made me speechless , i left the place immediately and was thinking about those words whole night.

Now i knew that the life is not a bed of rose and its not a quote only. It’s a truth of life . Light gives you shadow also And if you put that shadow on weighing machine your light will have less weight.
Choose your path such that your life and your earning both makes a equation of equilibrium .

#hope this will motivate you.



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