Titanic ( Movie of Real life )

To love someone unconditionally , unknowingly is the perfect thing to do

1st time when i watched the movie “Titanic” first half was nothing more than the drama for me but as i moved forward to that the story or you can say the starting of drowning it started touching my heart, a feeling of crying and desire to hold that moment was so terribly effecting me that i paused that moment when the actor was dying for the love he found at the place he never imagined to be that is titanic, A unaffordable trip for him.

It is not about the story of Titanic , i am only taking about. Later i found that this is the story of life time.

Change is the law of nature but some changes in nature of a person is beyond the law

Relating story of a normal person with Movie give me a feeling of reality of imagination, may be movie is not a reality but some realities are a part of movie. I know these lines are little bit confusing and can’t be understand easily but it has a deep meaning.

As hero of movie got the ticket to titanic in a gamble , A life of a normal person is just the same he gamble all his life ,gamble doesn’t mean money every time, its about taking risk taking a new step in life without knowing the result as in story actor get chance to be in new place with new person he didn’t know anyone there but still he was comfortable , just like us , when we start anything new in life we start it lonely sometime and after few time we found ourselves surrounded by followers and friends.

The people who criticized us at sometime now pretending to be more caring for us because they know you are not the same person they always imagined. In story the actor played a role of unmannered , mad and role of a play boy, but still he had a heart which beat every second to realize that feelings can’t be suppressed. When the actresses realized that what kind a person he is ! She started liking him , enjoying the company of him.

In real life also when you be what you really are, everyone likes you for that. Fake person can only get fake sympathies and fake responses but a person having a feeling of achievement in everything he do , believe me he is the most favourite person for everyone then.

In real life we often found person who means nothing at 1st place but after sometime become most important part of life and best friends are the best example for that. Most of the stories starts with fighting, competition and to prove ourselves best , but ended with a feeling of equality , brotherhood .

You always find a person very very important in your life but its also true you loose a person very very close to your life. Its all about life having changes.

Every Loss is a gain when learn something from it

The story of titanic ended with loss but it teaches us that in life we often come across such situation when we feel extremely happy and extremely broken both.
You can’t give up , you can move forward with memories of that. You can share your thoughts with those who understand you truly , your family , your friend .

Titanic teaches us that who ever you are at 1st point, you will going to chance for sure . so accept the truth and let the change come with open handed. You will fall at sometime for sure but you will also rise at very next moment.

Try to learn to be happy that’s it



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