Steps to rule your Life ( TOP 5 )

What comes in your mind in your free time ?

Let it come don’t stop it, if you think its not worth it then let it come outside like a garbage & if you think its important then also let it come outside so that you can judge how important it is really for you .

Everyone has many problems , life goal or i can say everyone want to rule his/her life

here are few suggestions from my side which will surely help you. I am not going to go deep but what ever i felt important mentioning it .

Followings are the areas you should be more focused –

【1】 SMART WORK – you should be more lean towards working smartly rather than working blindly. Working smartly includes time management, resource management, sense of humour also forecasting need.
I’ll be explaining other terms but here forecasting stands for analyse the current scenario, a proper alternative if you are currently working on something and you have a better alternative to perform with same task just go for it, there might be some people who don’t like change , like your boss just show your sense of humour there and convince him to agree on your idea and smartness comes with approach.

【2】 TIME MANAGEMENTIf you ask me ,it is the most important part. You should be more serious about time because every passed second never comes back, try to measure the difficulty level of task in terms of time, define everything around you in time for example- when we goto market 1st few things we consider is,what should we purchase and then just go to market and start comparing price with money . We don’t buy everything from the same place because we don’t understand importance of time. If time is a price you must have save your time.
That is what i am saying try to convert every thing into time format than you can automatically know what is killing your time and where you can save your time.

【3】 RIGHT SELECTIONNot only managing the time is enough, we should know what is a right decision for us ,it will save time also you can work smartly. The best example of wrong selection i can give is of students they generally repeat their mistakes some score very well in spite of preparing less and those who work day and night gets nothing sometime. This is about selecting the right question to practise.
Don’t go for hundreds of questions but go for only those 10 who’ll take you to hundreds. That’s how smart people do, they don’t run after everything but to the best thing.

【4】 LEARN FROM MISTAKES–  Everyone knows it but very less try this. To error is human , rightly said but to learn from errors is a true characteristic of Human. don’t repeat your mistakes , if you know you are hard working giving everything for your goal still not getting the desire result then don’t  blindly repeat the same strategy to that goal apply another approach. even a person knowing every answer in exam don’t attempt every question but only those which take less time , less effort because he know its more important to save time then giving extra time to anyone.

【5】 TEAM PLAYER there is nothing like one man army . Because army itself have a collection of people working for the same cause. Until and unless you don’t have the feeling of mutual Co-operation you cant reach to the top because at every step of life you just require guidance and support and also team spirit . You should be selfish while taking the knowledge, take everything from that person but when its your turn ,be most kind and give every single knowledge you have to them. Then only  you will know what is an achievement.

I have mentioned top 5 point which i thought essential for life hack. If i find something more inspiring and motivating , I’ll surely post it .

Your valuable comments are most welcome.



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