Who understand u better?

Question of lifetime

Everyone must have suffered with this question atleast once in lifetime, many still suffering with this one and many more continuously asking themselves the same question everyday.

when you are with your friend , you say your family don’t understand you. sometime you say no one understand you except your family

Now the single question i want to ask?

Do you understand yourself?

Because in my personal opinion, only you can understand yourself better than anyone else.
Its true it is said that “you are the master of yourself
Just think how much you share your life with your family and with your friend? And how much you keep hiding inside you which only you can understand.

Your pain and your suffering is only yours , no one can take it from you they only can reduce it when they are with you but the truth is you have to bear it alone.

Don’t be so dependent on anyone not even on your family that when they are not with you , you are not with yourself. Be so strong that your understanding make others to think that you are the person who has answer of all the question.

Be an answer of every question not the unsolved question

When i feel low i talk to my friend but can’t share everything because some secrets are meant to be inside me, when my friends are not with me i talk to my family but condition is same i can’t share everything with them.
Now i feel why should i need someone to understand me and my feeling? Why can’t i be my counselor ?

The truth is we human don’t know How strong we are exactly , we don’t need support but we want support.

I know i can’t change anyone’s feeling all of sudden but i can understand your feeling of loneliness when you are stuck in life mystery.
Just remember one thing , the day you will understand yourself , it will be the day when the whole world will follow you.

Have faith in yourself and keep listening your inner voice.




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