A sweet good bye to 2015

I have done a lots of mistakes in 2015 , i don’t want to repeat all of them again.

But i want to repeat those few mistakes which have changed my life !! 🙂

I don’t regret to loose someone because if they are not with me that means either they are too good to be with me or we are not meant to be together for the good.

I just want everyone to enjoy the next year with new beginning with new energy and new friends , don’t regret about past everything has a time limit so leave past in the past.

And also last thing , not everytime i say this but-
“I know i was very Rude to some people and for some personal reason ,i was ignoring some.
Just want to say sorry to them and ll look for better relationship in upcoming year”

Atleast Hope so !!!! 🙂

Happy new year 🙂


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