I don’t wanna show-off ( love poetry)

I don’t want to do a lot for her,
I just wanna do a little which make her happy.

I don’t wanna sing a song ever but i want to sing every single song for her.

I don’t wanna give her too many gift , but that single gift which is more than those many gifts.

I don’t wanna make her greedy so that after me no one can fulfill her dreams.

I don’t wanna be too close to her that she forget everyone around her.

I don’t wanna be her prince , i want to be a slave to serve her.

I don’t know how to dance but i wanna dance every single step with her.

I don’t wanna see her alone ever so creating so many memories which will be with her forever.

I don’t wanna see her crying but wanna make her so happy that she will cry.

I don’t wanna fight with her still want to persuade her while she is angry.

I don’t wanna hug her tight so that it ll hurt her but want her to hug me so tight that i ll never be separate from her.

I don’t want to force her for anything but want her to force me to show her right on me.

I don’t want her to be agree with me on every point but i want to be agree with her on every point.

It is ok if she don’t understand my feelings but i want to respect every feeling of her.

I can cry alone in dark but don’t wanna see her crying even in my dreams.

I don’t wanna show how much i care for her but i want her to ask herself why i care so much for her.

I am not an idiot but i wanna behave like an idiot when i am with her.

I don’t want her to hide her problem with me but i don’t want to share my problem with her because it will tense her.

I love her i don’t wanna tell her but i want her to feel it.

I am not like other guys , i am little different and i want her to know that i don’t wanna show off.



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