Trapped in myself (love poetry)

Tonight i am feeling alone
You are not here to take me to your dream-home
Feeling now like i was alone forever
Still there is a hope in me to find you again

Got so many things to say
Just waiting for the right time to find a way
too many thoughts inside me , every thought has a story inside it
Looking for a right person to share

You are no more with me to have a word with me ,
those fight without any wrong and right , i am missing those sleepless night

I was not too bad to be forgot but may be not too good either to be remembered.
Less words to apologize but more things to show how much i care..

I had taken many steps to your side but every single step took me away from you,
I stopped at a place and waited for you to come to me but your back on my face was telling me the beginning of your story and ending of my journey.

This is the end i never wanted to face
but it became a sketch i could never draw
Holding your hand when you were crying was not my mistake but to leave you while i was crying was my mistake..

To fulfill your expectations was right for me but to expect from you was my fault !!!
I know i have done a lot for you but those a lot was less for me because the feeling inside me never made me feel proud about it…

My hand on your head , your head on my lap ,
The closed eyes of yours , the staring eyes of mine ,
Your mind with Full of dreams , my heart with full of love,
Everything i ever wanted from life , anything you could ever get from your life..

These are the things i am going through , you don’t remember me but i trapped inside me in search of you .




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