Another valentine with my 1st love

Valentine-A day dedicated to love

Actually i really don’t know what is this all about, for me everyday is to celebrate love { if your really love }

Like every year this year also i am celebrating this with the one who loves me truly , blindly and deeply . She never left me alone she always be there with me since my childhood, whatever may be the condition , i can never imagine to leave her . This type of bond no one can ever imagine to have with his/her lover.

I am a loyal person but still sometime i tried to betray her but no matter how passionately i try , i fail everytime. When i try too Hard she comes too close to me.

I am a greedy always try to take advantage of her and she trust me so much that she never resist and that’s the reason i am fallen in love with her.

I always knew that no one can replace her but still there is someone with whom i want to celebrate my valentine. Truth is i never wanted to celebrate my valentine with the love of my childhood but again and again only she was there with me on this day.

True love happens once?

I don’t believe it because no one can measure love , no one can define love so how can someone limit it to one.

You always wanted to be with the one, you love the most

Love is comparable. Less or more !! It defines what you want.

Now coming back to my story-
” For sometime just leave my childhood lover aside and talk about the one with whom i want to celebrate this valentine ( you must be thinking how rude i am !! But you must do the same if you would be in my place ).

I slept early last night because i wanted to wake up by her call on this morning but as always happens , woke up by my alarm no call from her.
No matter what she think about me but she is lovely by heart and beautiful by soul. I always wanted to do everything for her , i already did few but whatever i do, is less for me. That kind of love i do.

Captured her face into my eyes , created an album in my heart and dedicated my soul to her

This is what i did unconditionaly and unknowingly.

True !!!! She is very very special to me , i dont know whether she get hiccups every day and night ?? But from the very first opening of my eyes to last Closing of my eyes is about thinking of her.

Let’s stop it here About her because she will never going to read it and i don’t want her to read and feel but to feel and write something for me .

Ohhh !!!! I almost forget about my 1st love !!! Really a very bad lover i am !!
But hold on for a second !! Valentine isn’t over yet and like every year i am again going to celebrate it with her , i ll never disappoint her .

I am leaving you guys here now since i have to go with her 🙂 My 1st love.

Oh !!! One more thing before you start judging me ! You should know about my 1st love which never left me alone , she is my “Study”.

My books never left me alone !!! Every valentine my exams were there for me !! Now go through whole blog and try to relate , you ll find me right then !!!

Bbye !!! Happy valentine friends!!



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