When time is against you

Too much pain , too much love, life is not a player but the Time is

Everyone has a time when one feels that nothing is in one’s favor , I agree but the point is why you think such things and waste the time to think about the time ?

Its true!! time is the biggest limitation for those who actually want to use it but its the biggest freedom for those who want to waste it.

The feeling of loneliness is felt only when you realize that you are not achieving the goal, you aimed earlier. Its obvious your dreams are the best friends of yours because it always motivate you to do better than last time.

If you think this is not your time then make it yours , not everything can be achieved but try to achieve those which not everyone can achieve that is happiness. May be you are good for the thing, you are ignoring for so long but the problem is , you never tried it so you don’t know its value and later you are blaming that time is not with you.

Everyone has a bad time but blaming is never an option but to mould it into good time is an innovation.

There are plenty of examples where a person struggle for his existence and later he became the reason for the existence of a new generation of thoughts.

I have gone through bad time also, when i realized that i am good for nothing but the matter of fact is i never give up, if i am not good i’ll be good , if time is against me then i’ll be in the favour of time. Just take a decision and go through it. No one can motivate you if you are not ready to accept your own decision.

Just take few minute of silence and think about the achievements, pleasure and all those things which make you different from others.

Once you realize your importance, people’ll automatically know how important you are.




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