Something Missing

Tonight I am not able to sleep.  Something is not in my favor, although I got almost everything,  I ever wanted, the best family,  good job,  nice friends but still there is something  missing.

I wish I could know what is that something or someone. Life is all about this, you never know what is written in your destiny. You do what you want to do but realise  later that its not the thing you always wanted to achieve.

Everyone  is unique in itself and this uniqueness makes that person’s desire more unique  from others.

There is something called “lifecycle”  which keep on rotating till your life comes to an end. Just like your desire!!

If I talk about myself, I always wanted to have a bicycle  for me in my childhood after getting it my desire was to ride bike later on I started liking to walk rather than using vehicles and this circle kept on running with the time ,  now I want to buy bicycle again but this time this must be bigger the last one.

I wish there would be something which can satisfy my desire. Everyday lots of thoughts come into my mind,  about my career, my life, my family. All are correlated with each other. My need is less but there is alot of factor which effect my desire.

I am nervous sometime,  confidant sometimes, curious sometime but most of the time I am confused??  What is my gain? What is my loss? Is this all I ever  wanted? Or because of someone else want it and that someone is what I ever wanted, I am doing this? Don’t know…. See still confuse.

It’s not my story, it’s the story of almost everyone, we don’t know what we want but we unknowingly do what other told us to do and at one stage we realized, this is not us anymore, we found a totally different personality.

Most of the time, I want to be alone not because it give me pleasure but it give my thoughts a new height. Loneliness not a negative word but its meaning changes from one person to other person. For me its about having time for myself, to spend it on the things I want to do, I like to do. Not every time people cry when they are alone, sometime they need time for themselves to think about themselves.

Most of the time we accept silence of a person as his/her politeness or treat him/her as a fool but most of the time that person is the person you always wanted to be or to be stayed away.

I must suggest everyone that know your real aim,  take your time,  be alone for sometime and search for the reason to go for your next step in your life.




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