The Fellow Traveller

During my primary education, I had read about “Fellow traveller”, a story in which the fellow was a ” Mosquito “, for writer. The Story was very beautifully narrated.

I’m not going to narrate that again but I want to share my own real life story, I have gone through during a long trip between Bangalore to Delhi. 

It was a nice night at Bangalore. My friends dropped me at station, leaving a place is always a hard thing to do because it not only consist of the hard work in packing and shifting but also have hard feelings when you don’t know if you are going to return or not.

Although I have done many trips but it was the longest trip I was about to travel alone. I could only call myself alone at that time but the traveller who was with me never let me realize it in whole trip.

Since it was night, I was not at all in a good mood to talk. The person who was travelling with me from Bangalore to Kashmir, started a short conversation with me, I couldn’t resist because of his words were full of politeness. He offered me a pen too. A great conversation to end the night. Night was long but the conversation between us never let me realised it.

Here comes the beautiful morning, it’s always nice to have the sun light on your face when you wake up early in the morning, So it was A “Good morning to all”.

Here again the conversation started between me and my  ‘Fellow Traveller’, suddenly a voice come from behind ” Sir, Veg or Non-Veg ?” , it was our lunch time. I am a pure vegetarian so I ordered Veg but the other person was confused between Veg and Non-veg. Then I got to know that he was a “Muslim”. For me it doesn’t matter if the person is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or whatever it is, We are in 21th Century and here this should not matter any more.

Everything was perfectly ok!! until I read the news about ‘NIT Srinagar’ case. It was the most famous case of that time where students were beaten for being supporter of  the country  by some natives. It was a shocking news for me. This news created a fear inside me against the person in front of me because he was also from that place. But still I tried to know about his point of view in this matter , I didn’t asked directly but I raised few points related to that topic and believe me I learned a lot from that person!! He not only manipulate my mind but just create a new thought in it. He was so pure hearted and polite by nature that I had no word left for me to describe it.

I am telling this story  because we often do mistake of judging the whole community because of some ill people, not every person has the same attitude about the life and his/her religion.

Never judge a person by his words but his work should be a criteria

My journey give me a new lesson for life. Our thoughts can be manipulated and we are the master to choose the right for the right time. We must update our thought with the time and this should be kept on going. Life is all about learning, not only new technology but new thoughts and lessons for life.

That’s it from my side !!! Hope you got something from it.




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