Unknown and Untold

Cry? for whom? And why?

I know I sound crazy when I say I want to cry without any reason but the thing is I want to cry!! So loud that everyone listen to my pain,  people cry with me for me.

This time I am out of my mind, most of the time I become out of my mind but the best part of my life is, it must go on. I don’t have right to stop at somewhere to think about myself. All the rules regulations are just for me, it seems most of the time.

I am not an idiot but I behave like an idiot don’t know why!!! This makes me weird!

People who know me always tell me that I have huge potential to rule my life accordingly but  what I see is that my life is not mine anymore!! Most of the time I do what I don’t  want to do and others think that it’s my wish to do that.

I don’t  know who I am or who I am going to be but only thing I know is that there are very less people with whom I want to be. I want to hold those hands which can hold mine while I fall on the floor. No one can blame me for what I am but I can blame so many people for making me this.

I had a beautiful life before but now everything looks so unfamiliar to me that sometimes I realize that it is not me anymore. I can’t  keep everyone happy, person say to me whom I always want to keep happy!

The biggest tragedy of life is, it never gives you what you want but the thing what other want from you. You become a millionaire now you want to be a billionaire not because you want this but people around you want to see it.

Imagination comes to reality for some people but for some this changes from reality to imagination all these are the matter of time and changes from person to person. I know it sounds weird but the truth it weird things always attracts people, also weird relationship lead to be successful.

No matter how much we think about anything or anyone but time will change everything, you’ll not need a thing later which is in top of your priority list now. you should know what is your priority  for the time, once the only thing was a bicycle in my priority list now everything except bicycle is there in it. So things will change and no one can stop it, you should understand it and adopt it, also there is a big difference between a person and a thing. I hope you understand what I mean.

This is us who define what’ll be with us and why it’ll be with us. Although I have mentioned earlier that everything changes with time but there is one more point in it, is that we want it to be changed with time. Having a look on my past experiences, I can mention that not everything changes with time, some person remain the same but some changes!!! Family never be changed with time but friends do.

If you tell me to categories persons, I’ll categories it by family, friends and 3rd person. That 3rd person can be anyone!! I prefer to add people in 3rd option because other 2 are very important to me.

Sometime I feel that My family don’t understand me but most of the time my family is who understand me the best 🙂 and about friends they come after the family (some are actually like a part of my family).

Negativity (your mind must be thinking about this whole time while reading this post) not a bad thing to read !! every positive thoughts comes after the negative one or with the negative one. If you find anything negative, you should see the other side of it i.e. positive side.

Every coin has two faces!!!

It’s up to you which face you choose as your winning side. One positive thoughts can replace all your negative thoughts. for example- ” I have seen a person who always keep himself away from every type of fun, happiness but later he adopt a child ( it was a positive decision ) , he did what ever required for that one positive step and now he is one of the happiest person, I have ever met !!”

Things might go wrong but it doesn’t mean you are going to leave the thing in the half way!! if you have chosen any path, just go on that until it comes to an end and as everyone knows life cycle repeats so you ll never find its ending but new ways connected to it. The way which is wrong for you, can be right for anyone else.

you are never too old to start something new.

Try to learn and learn, you ‘ll be the best with the time!!! I don’t want to stop this post ever since there is a lot I want to talk about but I know may be it is important for me but not for those who read this.let me be stop here !!!




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