Birthday !!! what is special about it?

‘It’s my Birthday!’ how beautiful this sentence looks like!

The day when you treat yourself the most special person on Earth. You become so special for everyone all of sudden.

The day when a person who hate to talk, start to expect more and more calls , messages , gifts . So what’s so special about this day? It should be like an ordinary day. Just because you born that day it should not create any difference! then why people treat you differently?

Answer is simple but not everyone thinks the same way, for people who care only for themselves it’s only about themselves, they want to live their special day just the way they like it to be. These are the same people who easily spoil the day of those who actually care, just to make themselves happy.

But the actual meaning is different. This day is special because this is the day when you bring happiness in others life. You born in a family, you became the youngest member of that family, you are special because you make them realize that they are special. You are happy because people around you are happy. People treat you differently on your birthday because they are happy to have you. They wish you long ages just because they want you to be with them.

So it’s not only your special day but it’s special day for everyone who cares for you. You must respect everyone’s feeling. it might be possible you won’t celebrate the day as you planned but you ll still enjoy it more than you can expect.



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