Dream:Dino World

Grrrrrr…….!!“, sound comes from my back but i can’t turn back to see it because the Monster in front of me got my attention.

Just one day back I was playing with my latest purchased Video Game. Now suddenly what did happen to me ? I come to this place where there was nothing except these giant plants and Animals, I had never seen in my whole life. Last thing i can remember that I was watching a show on TV, where I saw a child running for his life from Tyrannosaurus.

“Yes !! I got it”, I shouted loudly.

“It was just a dream!”, but I couldn’t open my eyes because people don’t have control on  their dreams.

I am in a dream. There is blood of ‘Triceratops’. My eyes are opened like it don’t have eyelid. My legs are shaking and suddenly I am feeling cold. I don’t know what to do? should I run or just stand still until that Tyrannosaurus finishes its meal and leave the place. But what if it comes after me after the meal? I can’t stand like this, I have to run. I am moving back slowly suddenly I hit something, ‘Oh gosh! I totally forget about the sound which i heard earlier’ .

I am stuck now. I have always been proud of my existence but this is the time when I am cursing the day, I was born.

‘Dare’, the choice I used to make in every ‘Truth and Dare’game. Now I want to be a coward and run. It’s so true,

‘ Only Time has the power to change anything’

Still It can’t be worse than the Monster, I am seeing in front of me, Having this thought I am turning my head.

“Gracias a Dios!!!” It is Vik. He is my friend since my college time.

“What the Fuck are you doing here?”- me.

“The same thing you are doing here, running for my life”- Vik replied.

It is obvious that It is a dream so anything can happen. Now I have a partner but since I am big fan of Super Heros, I am feeling more likely to rescue Vik than to save myself.

Suddenly I can feel the enormous amount of Blood flowing through my veins. My muscles are spreading, Now I am a feeling like an  Anime character. It is ridiculous that at this time when everything around us is behaving like a killing machine, I am trying to be a super hero but as always happens,

“Your best friend’ll never accept you as a Super hero in his life, he’ll prefer to kick you instead”

so I got a punch on my face for behaving knucklehead.

“Come out of your dream”-Vik said.

It is funny because He is already a part of my dream right now but still that punch gave me pain in real.

“Let’s run!”-me.

We are running to the north-east where we have seen a mountain too high to climb for any Giant animal but it is also slippery for us too. I remember the day when I was climbing on a mountain with all types of safety and climbing equipment, It was not easy for me then.

Today I am in a situation when I don’t even have a cellphone.

We are here in front of the mountain but now how to reach on the top without any equipment?? Vik is very fond of watching real life survival stories of people, he knows how to climb without getting hurt. This is the time when I am feeling numb just because I wasted my time in watching fictional stories which have nothing to do with your real life.

This is my dream so I don’t know how we reached on top and what Vik did to reach on top, if it were his dream may be he could explain his strategy better but whatever it is, we are finally on the top of the hill.

I am so happy that we made it but ‘what the hell is this!!’ it is raining without any cloud?

Wait!!!…. I am hearing again the same sound ‘Grrr……..’ but this time there is one more sound and that is of my roommate. He is shouting- ‘Wake up !! you are Late again for the office..’

“Office”, the word worked as a trigger and suddenly I woke up like I never slept.

Now I figure out that the sound was from the curtain which was fluttering because the window was opened and yes! that rain was nothing but the couple of glass water which was poured into my face to wake me up.

Although I am late for the office but I had a wonderful dream and learnt a lot from it.

-THANKS !!!!!




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