Yes!!! I do remember all those late night parties without drinks and to fly on the terrace without wings.

I have memories some are beautiful like a rainbow in the sun and some dark like a lightning storm.

Keeping those memories in my heart I want to express every single word But why it looks so weird???

All these Stories make my heart burn!!!

Sometime I try to repeat the past but the time starts running so fast I loose things, I got.

Now when I fall again, I don’t feel the same pain. These are the feelings I have gain during this time span.

No one is here to hold my hand now, people call me mature because I don’t cry in dark. How to tell them Darkness around me is nothing compare to the one inside me.

I want to live those days again when i only had dreams not the way to achieve it, today neither i have dreams nor the way .

Where are those Feelings which were there when I got my 1st bicycle, when i sent my 1st SMS ? Why everything is so predefined? why excitement became anxiety ?

Walking on the road  barefooted, laughing on the silly Grandma stories. Everything seems to be lost now. Emotions are shown by comments with a ‘WOW’ !!!

Everyday we create many memories for every upcoming day, all these are the cost which we have to pay…..




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