A life of an Orphan | lesson for Everyone

He was drunk, his eyes was full of anger, the blood flowing through his veins was boiling like it gonna cook someone alive.

Still what i can see was an innocent heart, a child without a past, without a future.

I asked “why are you alone?”

He answered ” life is all about dealing with your loneliness without anyone noticing if you are still alive?”

“Are you drunk?” – me.

” Drink suits only those who need a reason to show how they are feeling ?” – he replied.

” Don’t you think you talk too much, what’s your age?”-me.

“Age is just a number, maturity comes with experience!!!” – he replied.

I was astonished at his answers. He was an orphan , although he was just 10 year old but he has dreams bigger than mine and clearer than the blue sky.

But i didn’t feel pity on him because he had achieved the reason to live without begging someone to teach him how to live.

He was confident to lead his life but Still he was broken.

One can be strong enough to hold one’s tear but more you hide your feelings more chances for you to be broken inside!!!!

Although he had a strong willpower still he was a child. He’d always be treated like a trash by many people. This is not the problem related to the kid but to the society, people don’t look for the right person but the right family background and those who don’t have a family,  don’t have an existence for such people.

“what do you want in your life? “- Me.

“To give a life to the children like me!!!”- He answered.

I was speechless, such a deep thought for such a young kid. but indeed,

Maturity comes with experience. More you struggle in Life, more you learn from Life..

At that point, I began to judge myself, I always thought that I had lots of problems in my life and life taught me many lessons but today I was actually realising that there are a lot more lessons for me to learn from life and one of them is to feel the pain of that kid.

” Come with me…”- the kid asked me.

He was smiling for the first time in our conversation. I couldn’t ask anything else but to say ” let’s go”.

He took me to the place where there was a garden full of the children like him. The garden was filled with rocks and dust, I normally avoid to go to such dusty places but those children were actually enjoying that.

“Why don’t you stop them ? they can hurt themselves!! this place is not good for anyone”- Me.

“Yes! but we are not anyone, we are the one who have learnt to be happy even in the worst”- He replied.

“I can’t win any argument with you. why you took me to this place?”- Me.

” You don’t need to argue with me on anything, everyone has different perspective. I can’t change yours but atleast I can share mine with you, that’s why you are here”- He replied.

Now, I actually felt like I’m a nonsense kid for that kid. He was treating me like i’m the one who needed to be slapped to wake up and see the actual life.

those who born in a family, know the importance and love of their family but for an orphan whole world is a family, everyone is a part of his family.

“Can you please share your understanding of life with me ? I’m the one who need it the most.” – I requested.

“Haha!! now you are just behaving like the old me, the time when I was asking everyone to hold my hand and lead me to the right path but as you can see I have leant it myself so now it’s your turn. I’m a child so sometime my mistakes are ignored but in your case you have to avoid doing mistakes at the first place, you might not get the second chance.I have already shown you the truth now build your own thoughts”- He answered with a smile on his face.

“Just one request from my side, whenever you see a child like me who is lost in his life. Bring that kid to this place and share the same thing, I have shared with you. It might kill your time but it’ll definitely build someone’s life.”- He.

He suddenly started walking to other direction.

“Hey!! where are you going? I need to ask you something.” – me.

“This is the main problem with you fool adults, you keep asking questions rather than finding answer yourselves.”- He.

He didn’t even look back but just waved his hand saying “Good Bye. You are a kind person. Hope I’ll meet you again.


Thank you for your valuable time, Suggestions are appreciated !!!! ©ShubhamG


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