I have heard A bee humming 

I don’t pluck a flower because i love to see her coming to my place. Her dreams are bigger than mine that’s why she always chooses the right flower to walk.

She don’t daydream like me because she knows how to make memories with open eyes.

She might have chosen the wrong flower earlier but now she is clear about her path. now she can smell best of the best fragrance, that’s the beauty of her heart.

I couldn’t understand the humming sound she make when she comes closer to my ear but she must be telling me to wake up and come with her to her world, to a world where i can fly like her.

I wish i could answer her calls with the same humming sound which she understands better.

I know one day she’ll bite me in my sleep that’s what she always try. How can i tell her, even my daydream is incomplete without her.

I know her humming don’t have beats in it but still it is one of the best music for me. It inspired me with the fact that even if you are monotonous but still you can achieve what you want in your life and there’ll always be someone who value your presence in his life.




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