Dare to accept !!! do you ?

“Do you have dare to accept the fact that you are changing with every passing second of your watch??” 

No you don’t, you are too busy to understand it  that things are not in your hand anymore. Kind of work you are doing and what you have been expecting earlier is not the same anymore.

But guess what ?? You are still doing the same without caring about what you really want. Your desire doesn’t matter now, the only thing matters is how you earn money to fulfill your basic needs.


this is now a word of your long run dictionary. You know the meaning but you don’t feel it anymore.

“Take a look what you are losing ……………”

Have you ever found a kid playing the same tricks, you have already played plenty of time? Yes you Have !!!!

Don’t you want to play the same tricks again? Yes you do !!!

Still you ain’t going to do it, not because you are an adult now but because you are afraid of people, who will judge you based on it. It’s not your fault, everyone feels the same way that’s why no one dares to come forward to play a prank and this becomes a taboo.

Those who oppose all these changes they are mostly treated as the coolest one or the foolest one, based on your level of maturity.

“Realisation” !!!

You must have realised that now when you meet your friends your conversation starts with “LONG TIME NO SEE !!!” but when this conversation come to the point where someone asks you what have you achieved in this long time ? You are numb !!! 

This is not only your case, thing like this happens almost with everyone. People spend lots of time in doing the things, they are asked to do but no one has stopped you from enjoying this time.

Human started developing himself to make his life comfortable not to make it a burden. We invented wheels to reduce the time and work so that we can utilize our time to somewhere else but that somewhere shouldn’t be another work but to enjoy your life with your family and friends.

Money can buy happiness but it can’t buy a relationship!!!

If you are too busy person then try to find a way to enjoy your present, future will automatically bring success for you.

ALL THE BEST !!! Live your life ….




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