When? Why? And How? to use LinkedIn

To have a decent job is a dream of every college graduate even those who are working somewhere, want to switch to their dream company.

It’s obvious, everyone looks for the better future and I was not the different.

I have always been a socially active person, but still, I faced too many difficulties while using LinkedIn, like how should I start? what to do here? We don’t even have an online chat box in it. Every 2nd person related to my career field, suggested me to use LinkedIn either for job search or for industry knowledge but no one exactly explained to me ‘how?’

It took me more than 4 months to understand how it works. Not only this but also I got my 1st job from LinkedIn itself after that I started to explore more and more about it.

I’m not perfect but whatever I get to know about it, I just want to share it with others.

Now come to the ‘Heading’, if you ask me these three questions ‘When, Why, How?‘, Simplest answer would be – ‘Everytime you use WhatsApp or Facebook, if you want to be successful, be active

Let’s go into details-

Setting Requires?

Either you are a fresher or an Experience, you can follow these steps to make your job search easier but again it’s up to you how you convert an opportunity into a success.

  1. Log in> go to ‘Settings & Privacy’ (You’ll find it under the ‘Me’ tab at upper-right corner)
  2. go to ‘Privacy’ tab
  3. click on Edit your public profile‘ select what information you want to share with non-logged in users.
  4. click on ‘Sharing profile edits’ select it as ‘NO’ (since you are a beginner and you need to recreate your profile so you don’t want to share every single change you made to be shared with your connection, it’s kinda annoying)
  5. click on ‘Profile viewing options’ select ‘Private mode’ (some people will suggest you not to use private mode because as a human we always like if someone views our profile but since you haven’t created a good profile till now so you don’t want to share it, also to make a good profile you need to go through many Profiles across LinkedIn so it’s better to be a ‘spy‘)
  6. Under the ‘Job seeking’ you’ll find ‘Sharing your profile when you click apply’ ‘Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities’ change both to ‘yes’

Above steps should be followed before starting any editing in your profile.

Now come to the most important part.

How to create a good profile?

Your profile is your professional Identity and you can’t take it lightly, the best way to create a good profile is to go through many good profiles.

Now the question will be, ‘how can we identify which one is good?’

The answer is simple, just like in our college exams in which everyone read the same books, from the same teacher, and same contents but still examiner gives different score to different candidate based on how effectively the candidate has presented his knowledge about the subject.

You will find many profiles which will catch your attention, look for those details which make that profile attractive. Also, don’t just copy and paste, use your own creativity.

there are few things you should keep in mind while creating a profile-

  • Use a decent profile pic, also background photo
  • In the Profile ‘Headline’ – write what kind of job you are looking for, be specified, Don’t just use like ‘looking for a job’ because it shows that you don’t even know what kind of career you want. If you are currently working and not looking for any job change, your headline should be like ‘Sr.Developer in XYZ company’.
  • ‘Summary’ it is one of the most important parts of any profile, It shows how can you define your professional journey in few lines. Don’t just write an essay but put things pointwise and short also attach your resume within the summary.
  • Add your experience and educational details in the profile, you should include things you have done during that time under each one of your details.
  • ‘Featured Skills & Endorsements’ this is the most important part, you must add all the skills, you possess. also, keep adding new skills and ask for Endorsement from your connections. more endorsement on any skill shows that you have a strong command over that skill. Whenever any recruiter search for any skill your profile will be on the list.
  • ‘Recommendations’ ask for a recommendation from the people with whom you have worked either in the previous company or current company or in college.

Your profile is almost complete, now here comes the job search part.

How to use LinkedIn for job search?

There are plenty of sites for job search like Naukri, Monster, freshersvoice etc. you can apply for jobs there as well but since almost every job seeker knows about it so you are making yourself a part of the crowd.

follow the below procedures to use LinkedIn for job search-

  • 1st send request to those people whom you know personally, they could be your classmates, family members etc. It will increase your connections.
  • Whenever you get to know about any hiring in any company go to LinkedIn, search for that company, follow the company so that you can get updates about it, you can see the employees who work there, search for the Recruiters in that company send connection request to at least 4-5 recruiters so that you can get info about any recruitment happening in the company.
  • Through recruiter’s post, you will get to know about openings, now you will need referrals. For this, you search for the employees again who work in that company. Send request to at least 15-20 person ( not everyone will accept the request, also not everyone in your connection will refer you), who are in the upper hierarchy in the organization because their reference will be given priority.
  • You can follow above 2 steps in one go itself.
  • It is my personal suggestion that don’t start making the connection only when there is any drive or when you need help. Keep adding connections time to time by following the above steps so that when there will be any opening you can directly ask for the referral.
  • You should also create job alerts. Go to ‘Jobs’ tab (upper-right) search for job type and location then create the search alert so that you can get updates regarding similar job openings.
  • Once you get sufficient connection (500+) and a good profile, change the settings ( 4 & 5 ). Now you can show who you really are.

Apart from the above things, You can be a part of different groups on LinkedIn as well depending on your area of interest just like Facebook. Be active, read articles, give your feedbacks also try to be engaged with those who have the same kind of interest like yours.

I have covered almost everything, I know but there are few things I haven’t covered because-

If I tell you everything, you will not do anything

So you should start exploring yourself the rest of the things. You must be thinking, there is nothing left to know but LinkedIn is more than this. That’s why I’m giving you some hints

‘You must be confused about the message you should drop to an unknown person for the referral.’

‘How frequently you should use LinkedIn?’ (although the answer is in the post itself)

‘Which is a relevant post for you?’

‘which is a genuine job opening?’

And much more……………….

It might be possible, different people can have a different opinion about my post still each one of the feedback is appreciated. 

Let me update myself as well. Thanks for your valuable time. 

You can connect with me on ” https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubhamguptaec/



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