Life of an Angel

** story of a girl child from her birth to the death**

She didn’t choose to be one but unfortunately, she was the one. It was now her destiny, she never asked for.

She was born in a middle-class family, but this was not her fault. Her family loved her the best way, they could. She was happy.

She could be the best but she was trapped in her own thoughts, it’s not her fault. The thought of being molested kept her in room whole night

I always thought, she hasn’t fought but I never imagine the pain she got.


It was Christmas. The night was full of fog which was glowing in the street lights, It was a beautiful night everything seemed to be the perfect and peaceful but who knew, it won’t last long. It was a newborn baby which made that night slightly longer and noisy.

“Yes! It’s a girl”, I could hear it so clearly even though it was coming from the next house. You can imagine how happy that couple must be, to have a princess in their life.

Next day……

People were gathering to wish those newly made parents. Those were the best days for that couple, first child and that also a girl, they always wished for. Imagine if you are dreaming about winning a lottery and suddenly your name is announced as a lucky winner, How happy you must be.

Within few years that cute little doll became a limitless speaker and a running machine. You could only think of stopping her from doing anything but in reality, you couldn’t. Even she could not realize what’s going on around her, What were the changes happening inside her and what could be the consequences of her actions in future but she was too little to think about it and that’s the only thing which made her the center of attraction.

It’s not the person who changes with the time but it’s the time which changes the person.

It had not been too long for her to speak her own name correctly, now she was the part of a system, called School. It is supposed to be a part of everyone’s life but it was too early for her, she was just 2 and a half-year-old, she could barely pronounce any new word but still she was now a part of that system because of her parents, who were thinking about her future more than her present and she was too little to say anything.

I’ll not say, parents were that bad, they loved her more than anyone else. The only thing which was pushing them to put their love aside for her education was the society!!!…. Yes! it’s a bitter truth but in our society, everything is defined in terms of age. If you are 22-23, you must be a graduate, if you are between 23-25 you must be earning and if you are 25+ you are the perfect one for getting married but hold on a second, here is a twist, for girls even these numbers could be less, based on the family, they are born. So, if the parents of that little girl did not take the decision of her education at such level, she might not achieve what she wanted to achieve in her upcoming life.

Yes, it’s true that things are getting changed with time, so the thoughts as well but the only thing which can’t be changed is that she is a girl and she must marry before, a boy of the same age.

In my opinion, this is not right to decide one’s life based on one’s gender or age. Everyone has a different goal to achieve, some take time to achieve it and some achieve it earlier so age must not be the factor.

By the age of 16, she was treated as a young girl, not a child and parents become more concerned about her. This is the age when girls face too many difficulties, physically as well as mentally. It didn’t take too much time for her to realize that there are some boundaries she could never cross and it was not made by her parents but society. These boundaries include time to come home, making friends, going for trips and such things.

finally, the day has come to join the colleges. Every person’s best part of life. She was beautiful and hence she was surrounded by other classmates of her class. It’s obvious for her to feel good because she was getting attention from others. She was happy to be a part of it, She was learning a new lesson from her life. Every passing day teaches her a new lesson to live life freely but there were few things which were disturbing her time to time and those were the kind of gossips happening at her back in the college. Every one or other day her name was on the board with some random guy, she never met. But it was just a part of college and it didn’t last long.

It was the last day of college, she already realized it that her life gonna changed from here and yes she was right. The very next day her parents asked her what she wanted to do next?… It was not too long and she was not ready for this question before she could answer it properly, she heard a whispering-“do you want to Marry?”. She left the room immediately.

‘If all her education was for this day?’-she asked herself. She decided to go for Job and sooner she got the one. She was again on a new road with new fellows and this time those are professionals. It had been a year and she got a marriage proposal from one of her seniors. Everything was repeated again for her, again she was at the same situation from which she used to run.

‘Should this be my life? to marry someone’- She asked again. This time she didn’t have another excuse but somehow she refused. But it was not the end after 6 months, these all were started again and this time it was coming from her parents too. Suddenly Everyone was more interested in her personal life, everyone wanted to see her as a bride.

She couldn’t refuse much and got married. Sooner she had a baby girl and now the whole story started again for that little angel. She was getting old and she didn’t have any more desire but to see her daughter, having a beautiful future.

At the age of 60, she was a grandmother and only thing she missed was her school days when she really had fun.

During her journey from the age of ‘16 to 30‘, she was dealing with two things- society and future and ‘30 to 60‘ with family and their future.

Now she was just an old lady, watching her grandchildren playing in the garden……

few years later……..she was one among the stars in the sky…..

———————————————————{ END } ———————————————————–

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